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Shopaholic’s Casual Weekend 🔆OOTD Featuring Toms🍃

Hello Loves!💟

🍃Welcome to an early edition of the OOTD post 💫 This week’s OOTD is special🎉 because of two reasons 😇, one we have a three day weekend🎉 yay! And second because it features one of my favorite brands Toms⚜.

🍃You can check out my review of Tom’s here, meanwhile lets get started on today’s OOTD. Weekend dressing for me has to be totally casual and comfortable  esp when it’s hot and humid I prefer cool fabrics like cotton and linen. The cotton top with its bright embroidery pairs perfectly with the linen pants and the stripes lend a slimming effect 😍 to the overall silhouette. The clutch bag is perfect for storing all my essentials I even use it as a cosmetics case to stow in my tote. The shoes are my go to pair when I’m out and about and the lace texture makes them just feminine enough 😇.

🍃Outfit Details:

🍃Top and pants : Old Navy

🍃 Shoes : Toms

🍃Handbag : Joyn @ Toms Marketplace

🍃Jewerly : Pandora






 ⚜Hope you guys enjoyed this OOTD post 🍃. Have a great weekend ✨! 

🍃Do check out the Toms website if you haven’t already 😇!

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💋Shopaholic’s Miranda Sings Award!💋

image.jpegLet me start by thanking😘 the lovely Pink Apple💖blog for nominating me for the💋Miranda Sings Award💋! It’s such an honor to be nominated for these awards it shows your appreciation and support for my blog and I am so thankful💟 to all the lovely people who take time out to read my mad rants❣ and like them 😇💗!

Blogger awards👑 are not only a way to showcase✨ new bloggers and their work but also grow the blogging community 💞! So let’s get nominating but first here are the rules💫

🎗Announce🎉 your nomination with a post, including a link to the blogger who nominated you.
🎗Include the featured image on your blog.
🎗List seven7️⃣ things you love about yourself (e.g. your appearance, personality, achievements, etc.), but don’t use negative comparisons.

🎗Nominate other bloggers for the award and notify them.🎉

7️⃣ ➕💖things about moi😇

1✨I am a loyal, annoyingly by your side till the end friend💟

2✨I have a very forgiving nature 💗

3✨I love that I can laugh at myself 😆

4✨I love that I am able to enjoy even the simplest things in life and get joy 🌸out of them.

5✨Physical features I love 😳 , umm someone once told me I had beautiful doe like eyes, so I guess one feature would be my eyes. Second my lips 💋 I’ve been told I’m lucky to be able to go without lipstick and I guess my hair 💓. (I kept feeling like I was going to break into a chant of mirror mirror on the wall during this bit  😳😳).

6✨I love that I still find myself wishing for a miracle after being hit in the face time and time again that they don’t exist 😇.

7✨I always try to see the best in people and not hold their past mistakes against them.

Whew that was hard! 💫Ok now for the nominees!





🎉Congrats! To all the nominees ! Can’t wait to see your posts!

Until next time xoxo💋!

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🔆Shopaholic’s Special Summer☀ OOTD Collab!

Hello Loves!💖

Today’s post is a very special one because it happens to be a collab!💞 When i was approached by Rehma from GlamorousEtoiles about doing a collab blog post i was totally excited! Since summer☀is right around the corner, i thought a summer OOTD post was going to be perfect. And since white is the color of summer what better but an OOTD post about Summer In Whites!🌞

So here goes peeps💖! Lets start off by showing you how Rehma has styled summer whites! Be sure to check out her awesome blog and show some blogger 💘love!

☀Summer Whites By Glamorous Etoiles

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

🌠Top: La Cera
🌠Pants: New Look 
🌠Shoes: Primark  
🌠Glasses: Primark 
🌠Bag: H&M 
🌠Earrings: Primark


🌠Foundation: Kroylan Paint Stick in FS45
🌠Concealer: Nyx orange colour corrector & Maybelline Eye Eraser in Nude
🌠Eye Shadows: Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette
🌠Mascara: Maybelline Sensation and great lash blackest black
🌠Highlighting:Colourpop Supershock 
🌠Lipstick : New Look in Strawberry
🌠Liner: Makeup Revolution in black 
🌠Makeup Brushes : Morphe & Makeup Addiction
🌠Setting spray: Urban Decay chill cooling & Hydrating spray

✨Kudos! to Rehma for putting together an amazing look !

Now here’s my take on the same

☀Shopaholic’s Summer Whites

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🌠Dress: Old Navy

🌠Jeans: Old Navy

🌠Kimono: American Eagle

🌠Shoes: Aerosoles

🌠Jewelry: Forever21, Fossil

🌠Bag: Kate Spade


🌠Lipstick: Inglot 280 Cream

🌠Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier in Medium Beige

🌠Blush: Nars Desire

🌠Liner: Bobbi Brown in Caviar Ink


There you have it loves!💖 Two fresh takes on the ☀summer whites! Do let us know what you thought about this OOTD collab💞! Show us some love💘 by commenting below!

Again many thanks to Rehma for her hard work!

Until next time xoxo!💕

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