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Shopaholic Rant: Hello My Name is : I Feel Fat

Let’s face it whether you are a tall, skinny supermodel or just a regular, girl next door. We all have days when we feel fat and unattractive, for some it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence for others every now and then.✨Sometimes these feelings are triggered by actual body/metabolic changes like pre or post menstrual symptoms, water retention, lack or total abstinence of workouts or post holiday or breakup eating marathons.😳 

✨But say your lifestyle and eating habits are text book perfect and you are still seeing a fat wildebeest in the mirror. Well according to experts there could be two explanations. 

✨1- You could be experiencing a phenomenon known as “Phantom Fat“.

✨2-You are suffering from every shrinks favorite “self esteem” issues.

“Phantom Fat” syndrome is a close relative of the low esteem clan. The only difference being that while even skinnylish people can have low self esteem or “fat days” now and then. “Phantom Fat” usually torments those poor souls who were once fat but even after loosing all or most of their weight are haunted by their former fat self image.  

 ✨These are people who were overweight for a large part of their life before loosing weight, people who are stuck with loose skin, stretch marks post weightloss or who even after loosing copious amounts of weight and killing themselves in the gym. Still look no where close to the sports illustrated bikini model body they were hankering after.

✨For skinny people or people who have never been morbidly overweight, “feeling fat” is related to a shift in their self image rather than actual body changes.

✨Nowadays for almost everyone appearance is huge part of who we are as people, and any deviation from the ideal image of ourself can cause discomfort and even depression. 

✨Changes in self image can be a result of various factors, events in your personal or professional life on a day to day basis can affect the way you view yourself. 

  ✨Sometimes you just wake up “feeling fat” and you cannot pinpoint what made you feel that way. The fact is once your mind is in the “negative” mode, it takes more than piling on makeup, trying and discarding multiple outfits, going on an eating binge or collapsing on the couch in a fit of tears.(guilty 😳). 

 ✨For some people “fat days” are just something they need to wait out, like a bad cold that won’t go away regardless of how many bottles of NyQuil you down.

✨Others take a more realistic and grown up approach and fight the negativity by changing their mental outlook.

✨Recognizing that feeling fat and unattractive has nothing to do with your actual body and more with your perception of your body is the first step. (Difficult I know but a good shrink or some tough love from your bffs help 😉).

✨Next is diverting the focus of your brain cells towards positive parts of your body. Your hair, your toned arms, those one pack abs you managed to chisel against all odds. You get the idea. With these techniques whether you are suffering from “phantom fat” or just skinny person fat , you will be able to turn a fat day into a skinny one.

How do you deal with “fat days“? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time xoxo💋!

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Shopaholic and the last 5 pounds! 🏋🏻

I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for as long as I can remember. I was a carefree chubby toddler, an oblivious, rotund preteen and by the time I had gotten my bearings I was officially deemed fat.

Some people are blessed with the skinny gene. I unfortunately am not one of them . My gene pool handed me down among other things I resent, a pear shape 🍐 which resulted in the lower gargantuan half of my body to forever be in an awkward contrast with my petite upper half. Plus a metabolism that would finish in last place even in a snail race🐌.😒

As a result of this, I have been engaged in a lifelong battle with those pesky pounds which I have beaten down to a handful of five. This was several lifetimes ago, 😖 and yet “The loose five pounds”resolution somehow makes it to the top of my list at the start of every new year 😠.

Several failed attempts that ranged from: Dieting which transformed me into a ravenous , wild eyed beast intent on giving the third degree to anyone who dared to eat in my presence.👿

To yoga, where after several maddening  chants of “find your inner peace”the only thing I ended up finding was my inner aggression.😡

And lastly to strength training 💪🏼🏋🏻which resulted in me resembling a five foot michelin man with caramel highlights.

Frustrated and defeated , I finally resigned to the fact that there was nothing I could do to part company with the fat cells seemingly super glued to my lower half.😪

The only other options available to me were a)surgery which I couldn’t afford 💸, or b) praying for a miracle 🙏🏼 which according to Cindrella’s fairy god mother “take a little time✨”.

Leaving me with no choice but to indeed wait it out. All alone, depressed, hungry… Which reminds me it’s almost dinner time  Nutella sandwich anybody? 😋