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ShopaholicBlogs🍃Quarantine Diaries 😷

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Hola Amigos🥺 Hope all of you are safe & sound in your homes 🏡The last few weeks have been incredibly difficult and life changing for all of us around the world🌏And unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a foreseeable end to this pandemic. It took me all of two weeks to try and get used to this new and restrictive routine and finally after a miniature meltdown I resigned myself to the fact that this is the way things are going to be for a couple of weeks if not months going forward. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone may we all come out of this stronger, more resilient and as better human beings❣️#withme #coronavid19 #quarantinelife #quarantinediaries #karachibeautybloggers #pakistanibeautyblogger #dubaibeautyblogger #dubaidiaries #dubailife #cleanbeautyblogger

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Tips for staying healthy🍎 & fit💪🏼 in Ramadan 🌙

🌙Hola Loves❣️

🌙How is everyone doing❓ First I want to wish a very happy & blessed Ramadan to everyone ✨💕 and second getting on with today’s blog post how to stay fit and healthy during this month. Now to those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of Ramadan let me explain briefly here: Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims all over the world in which they abstain from eating and drinking from dawn⛅️ till dusk🌜. That’s sunrise and sunset in layman terms 😋. Depending upon where you reside in the world that could mean anywhere from 15-19 hours of not eating and drinking 😳. So it’s very important that you focus on your diet and lifestyle during this month to ensure you stay healthy. Most of us tend to look at fasting either as a way to diet or an excuse to over eat and neither approach is correct.

🌙Instead a balanced approach to diet and exercise ( yes you read it correct the first time exercise during fasting) will make the period of fasting easier on your body. So let’s start with the tips you need to know to make fasting a better and healthier experience for you:

🌙1- Eat a balanced 🍎🍞🍳diet- Fasting is not a free pass to eat like a glutton. Instead of loading your system with greasy🍔, fried🍟, sugary 🍩foods just because you abstained from eating all day will only make you a) take in excessive amounts of fat and calories. b) make you feel tired and inadvertently gain weight instead of loosing.

🌙Here is what you can do instead :

  1. At suhoor ( beginning of the fast ⛅️) Eat foods are that are high in energy and low in saturated fats. Start off your fast with fresh juices or fruit, dates, complex carbs like oats, whole meal bread, proteins -eggs so that you have lasting energy to get you through the day. At iftaar ( breaking your fast) try to eat less of the fried foods ( I know eliminating them completely might be a death ☠️ sentence for most people ). A pakora ( fried batter dumpling) or two and a samosa ( fried dough dumpling) or two should be enough, try not to make a meal out of it though. Instead eat a well rounded meal consisting of whole grain carbs, veggies and lean proteins (your digestive system will thank ✨you)❗️
  2. Stay hydrated 💧. Between the hours of suhoor and iftaar try and get between 4-6 glasses of water. I know some people say 3 liters of water but those people are crazy 😵. You know what happens after you force yourself to try and drink that much water after fasting for 15+ hours and then eating ❓ 🤮 that’s what happens either that or your stomach balloons up to resemble that of a pregnant lady completely with water sloshing around 🙄. So be sensible ✨Don’t let yourself get dehydrated but don’t go crazy overboard either.
  3. Lastly try incorporating a workout routine. I know it sounds nuts but trust me fasting is a great time to burn some fat. Since you are not eating your body had to rely on it’s stored fat for energy. You have to be very careful though that you don’t over exhaust yourself or get dehydrated. Workout in a well ventilated cool place, wear loose comfortable clothing, keep cardio limited and focus more on strength and toning🏋🏼‍♂️ workouts. Pace yourself during the workout and take breaks as needed. Pick a time that suits you for some people it’s right before iftaar, for me it’s somewhere during the morning around 9-10 is when I have energy to spare.

🌙 Well guys those were my tips for staying healthy and fit during Ramadan ✨. I hope you guys find them useful and do let me know in the comments what are some tips and tricks you use❓

Until next time loves 💕❣️

Story Time With ShopaholicBlogs: Featuring Crappy 🎁 Gifts!

Hola Love Bunnies 🐰🎁💕!

Today on the blog its story time ! So get into your PJ’s , get comfy and hit that play button😘 because today we will talking all about the not so joyful experience of receiving totally terrible presents 🎁😖

As always your comments are always welcome so share your gift receiving stories with me right here 🎁! & don’t forget to share, follow and subscribe!

✨Shopaholic Bakes🍰🍴✨

  Hello lovelies!💖

Lately I have been craving desert after dinner and cookies🍪 and chocolate 🍫were just not doing it for me 😱. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and whip up something decadent and delicious and here is what I came up with ✨Custard Cheesecake!✨

I love cheesecake but i feel it’s too heavy sometimes so I thought about combining it with my other favorite custard 🍮and it turned out to be the best of both worlds 😋, it has the texture of soft, silky custard with a hint of creamy cheesecake yum!🔆

So here it is peeps 💖! Shopaholic’s Custard Cheesecake!💞

✨You will need:image.jpeg

🍰 4 medium eggs beaten till pale and frothy,

🍰 600 grams of cream cheese beaten till smooth,

🍰10 digestive biscuits crushed till fine crumbs or you can use any cookie or biscuit of your liking,

🍰3 tbsp butter melted ➕ 1 tbsp for coating the cake pan

🍰 1 tbsp all purpose flour for coating cake pan

🍰1/3 cup heavy cream

🍰1.5 cups icing sugar

🍰1 tsp vanilla essence

🍰cocoa powder for decoration optional

🍰All ingredients must be at room temperature🌡.

✨Beat the cream cheese with the icing sugar, cream and vanilla till well combined.image.jpeg

✨Beat eggs separately and add to the cream cheese mixture and mix well the battery should be smooth with no lumps.image.jpeg

✨Put the cookies in a zip lock bag and beat the crap out of them till they look like a pile of crumbs 😁.image.jpeg

✨Mix the cookie🍪crumbs with the melted butter and spread on the bottom of a greased springform pan ( just rub the 1 tbsp butter on the bottom and sides of the pan and sprinkle the all purpose flour to coat the bottom and sides voila❗️). Take aluminum foil and wrap it around the pan making sure to pinch the foil to seal the cake pan and prevent the batter from leaking.image.jpeg

✨Bake in a preheated 170 C oven for 5 mins. Set aside till cool then stick it in the fridge for 10 mins to cool even 🌬further.image.jpeg

✨ Pour your batter on top of the cookie base and place it a roasting pan. Then fill the roasting pan with hot 💦water half way up the sides of your cake pan. Cheesecakes need to be baked in a water 💧bath to prevent them from drying out and cracking on the top.image

✨Bake for 45 mins in a 170 C oven till cake appears firm, stick a toothpick or knife in the center to check it should come out clean. Cool ❄️cake in the pan completely, decorate it with whipped cream, fresh fruit or cocoa powder like I’ve done🍰. Stick it in the fridge till chilled and enjoy!😋

✨Hope you guys enjoyed that recipe 🍰! Do let me know if you tried it and share some of your favorites with me !

✨Get in touch 💟 For a collab, a guest post or just to say hi💗! shopaholicblogs@gmail.com


I confess I am a shopaholic


As a teenager I was never really interested in shopping. I remember accompanying my mother on her many shopping excursions, book in hand, engrossed in my reading while she dragged me from shop to shop. Going over the floor to ceiling bulging shelves with a practiced eye, selecting , rejecting fabric, haggling over prices while constantly admonishing me to keep an eye on her countless carrier bags.

It wasn’t after I had been on my own for a while that I felt the dormant shopping genes within me rise to the surface with a vengeance. I began to enjoy what I once considered to be an arduous chore .

Going into shops , sifting through piles, all the while keeping an eye out for bargains. Coupons being the holy grail of the entire experience.The surmounting anticipation of watching the $$$ amount go lower and lower as the scanner ran over…

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Shopaholic’s breakfast for dinner 😋


Hello peeps! 💞

So lately I’ve been craving breakfast foods for dinner and lunch 🍳.Part of my cravings could be attributed to PMS and the other part could be that lately I have being running out of ideas about what to make for dinner.

Half the time I like a recipe🍲 I end up not having the ingredients🌽🌶🍅 on hand. The other times it’s too bloody complicated 📜 and just thinking about the effort involved makes me feel hungry and irritable 😡. Sounds familiar ? 😉

In the end I usually accept defeat and reach for the carton of eggs that’s always there in the referigetor 😇

You know it’s a real emergency in our house when we run out of eggs🍳.

So to🔪 cut a long rant short,here are some breakfast for dinner recipes that I tried this week that came out pretty good. I promise they are quick, easy and will not require a trip to the ethinic,spice markets of Marrakech 🛩.


                           Peri Peri omelet 😋


🍳One egg

🍳Slice of cheese🧀

🍳Peri peri sauce (Wild herb🌶)1tsp – you can use any flavor you like .😘

🍳Chopped cilantro 1 tsp

🍳Mushrooms sliced 1 tbsp(optional)

🍳Onions fine dice 1 tsp (optional)

🍳Any other veggies of your choosing (finely diced 🍅tomatoes, bell peppers , hey if you like the extra work why not 😉).

✨Whisk the egg add in your veggies , peri peri sauce .There will be no need for any seasoning as the sauce has all the flavor you need.😍

✨Grease your pan, cook egg till done on one side, flip over add your cheese slice or shredded cheese if you want to go all fancy 🙃. Fold the omelet in half cook till cheese has melted and enjoy!

✨The peri peri sauce adds a tangy, spicy kick to the omelette a nice change from the same old … You’re welcome !😘

                  Nutella French toast 😋


🍳Bread slices 2 ( you can use any bread 🍞you like, fresh,two day old,moldy,whatever floats your boat.Hey it’s your kitchen !)

🍳1 large or 2 small eggs

🍳Fresh ground cinnamon (Its available in every supermarket guys ! Plus you can leave it out if you don’t have it no biggie).

🍳Ground nutmeg ( optional )

🍳1/3 cup milk or cream

🍳Nutella 😍

✨Whisk your eggs with the cinnamon, nutmeg and milk/cream till combined .

✨Spread Nutella on one side of each slice and put them together nutella sides facing on the inside.

✨Dip the sandwich into the egg mixture and fry in greased, heated pan or griddle till golden and puffed up on both sides.

✨Sprinkle with icing sugar if you plan to Instagram it 😉and dig in! 😋 Drizzle with maple syrup for a sugar high that will last till breakfast 🌞!

                         Egg n Cheese Mc Muffin 



🍳One english muffin

🍳Shredded cheese🧀 (Mozerella, Parmesan whatever tickles your taste buds).

🍳One egg

🍳salt and pepper to taste

🍳1 tsp Sacla sundried tomato pesto (you can use 1 tsp of salsa if you can’t find this 🍅)

🍳chopped cilantro 1/2 tsp ( just chop a few leaves roughly or use a scissor to snip off a few leaves easy peasy)


🍳one round cookie cutter

✨Beat the egg with the salt, pepper, cilantro, cheese and pesto. Heat your pan and using a pastry brush or your finger if you dont have one. Grease the inside of the cookie cutter or you can use a mason jar lid just pop out the center.

✨Grease your pan and place the cookie cutter or lid in the pan.

✨Using a dish cloth press the lid/cookie cutter firmly onto the pan and pour in your egg mixture. Let the egg cook on medium to low heat.

✨Once you see its starting to set slide a spatula under the egg and flip in over on the other side. Once its cooked all the way through remove onto your serving plate and using a butter knife loosen the egg from the edges of the lid/cookie cutter.

✨Heat the muffin and butter it on both sides place your egg onto one half of the muffin and top with the other enjoy!

There you have it peeps✨ my favorite breakfast for dinner recipes🍴.

Until next time xoxo!💋


Know Thy Enemy : Everything you need to know about the Mother in law 😱

Disclaimer : This work is a piece of fiction meant to amuse and entertain. Any resemblance to any characters living or dead is purely a result of the reader’s over active imagination and should be disregarded immediately. Enjoy 😘

According to Wikipedia,💻
A Mother in law, is the mother of your spouse . 🙁 Apparently either the founder of Wikipedia is still single, married and forced to lie through his teeth under penalty of death or just plain naive.

Whatever the case ,this seemingly innocuous description utterly and miserably fails to encompass, the vast reality and entirety of this formidable, obnoxious , tyrannical , overbearing , cunning, self proclaimed expert matriarch😳.
Scared😰 yet? Hate to break it you but you will soon find yourself joining the ranks of the countless psychological and physically scarred victims of this narcissistic ,conniving foe.👀
Rest assured she will mark you as her opponent the moment you say the cherished “I do💞”.
But before you start adding unlimited sessions of psychotherapy to your trousseau wish list. Here are a few things that will prepare you for your unavoidable showdown once you set off on your journey of marital bliss 😒.
So put on your wifely armor, and prepare yourself for a lifelong battle🛡. In the words of Sun Tzu ” Know thy enemy”, even if these nuggets of information won’t help you win the war at least you will go down fighting ⚔ .

1- Get ready for a lifetime of being undermined and usurped ,

⚔From laundry, cooking , parenting heck even your clothes ( you dress like a tramp) and makeup ( you make Rupaul look like the girl next door💄).
⚔Be prepared to be criticized and belittled for every single one of your choices the exception being the prized catch that you happened to chance upon: “Her perfect one in a million offspring
whose miraculous birth story you will be hearing till your ears bleed . And will never be able to upstage even if you give birth to quadruplets hanging upside down from a broken bridge suspended over snapping crocodiles 🐊. Slight exaggeration but you get the idea 💡.
⚔Of course you will be accused of not properly feeding, bathing, pampering the fully grown 6 foot 185 lb man child (What you thought we were discussing your offspring ?😒) she grudgingly (read hanging onto his pant legs yelling “don’t go! )handed over to you.
2-Anything you cook will be inspected , re seasoned, deemed unfit for human consumption, inevitably be thrown out and replaced by a flourish and to rousing applause 👏 by the two heterogametic specimens in the family. ( Read the docile father in law( who admitted defeat long ago and is probably just waiting for the angel of💀 death to put him out of his misery) and your doted upon naive ( read opportunistically passive /aggressive) spouse.
3– You will forever be playing runnerup 🎖 ( don’t count on Steve Harvey to come to the rescue here 👑).To :
A-The beacon of self proclaimed perfection 🏆in the one woman show of “me, myself and I” 😒. Aka Mother in law dearest.
B- To her female offsprings – namely your sister in laws ( the tyrannical lineage💀must continue )
C- To every single one of your spouse’s exes even if they happened to be ex convicts accused of manslaughter 🔪.
4-Get ready to have your personal space invaded in everyway possible,
From your kitchen cabinets , refrigerators, closet, to your lingerie drawer. (Read keep all things lacy and kinky under lock and key).🗝
⚔Nothing is off limits to this scourging hyena. In fact if in a skewed world, mother in laws would be computer savvy, she would have hacked into all your social media and bank accounts as well.


5-Holding your tongue ,

will become second nature since you’ll be doing it everyday, 365 days a year for the rest of your life. This is especially true, if you happened to marry into a brown/Asian family.👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👩‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
📚Textbook strategies like spelling out your needs , setting out boundaries, voicing your opinions, working out conflicts like a mature adult, will result in bringing about a catastrophic disaster ( read Hindenburg).
And remember that charming, smooth talking hunk💪🏼 who conned you into a lifetime of marital torture. If you are counting on support from him forget it! 🚫When it comes to family drama this mama’s boy will simultaneously sprout the combined characteristics of the deaf, dumb and the mute.

6– So you thought failing as a housekeeper, wife and a human being was bad ?
Wait till you get slapped by the “incompetent mother ” tag. From giving birth to your bundle of joy( Only 12 hours?It took me a week to push your husband out sans epidural💉)!
⚔Everything from holding, feeding , putting the baby to sleep will be scrutinized , criticized and be accompanied by a never ending barrage of unsolicited advice. 🗣
Not to mention the fact that after 9 months and several hours of exhausting labor, the baby will be likened to everyone (from the preening matriarch herself to her second distant cousin twice removed) but you. 😳
7-A photographic memory is a must.

It will come in handy, at various social gatherings where you will be required to recall accurately , the names, glorified pasts, occupations and various ailments of the countless relatives you will be forced to meet and greet. (Don’t forget to ask Aunt S about her third husbands arthritis now😳).

8– Not a fan of daytime soaps ?
⚔Well it’s time to start binge watching now. Because pretty soon you will be encountering theatrics worthy of daytime Emmy nominations – no cable tv 📺required. From feigned heart attacks to sudden bouts of temporary amnesia , to melodramatic recounts of your many faults, to outright hissy fits and temper tantrums. The narcissistic matriarch will stop at nothing to gain her son’s attention and keep it.
9– Your parents vs his,

⚔what you thought only you had it bad? Rest assured your parents won’t be spared from this drama mama either. From why you won’t call his mother “mom” ( I have my own thank you very much, and the same question to him btw),to the no of times you visited your folks and vice versa, to the presents they gave ( nothing will ever be good enough👎🏼). To what you gave them ( A waste of her son’s hard earned money💸). Guess whose keeping score?🤔

10– Finally here’s something you don’t want to hear ,

⚔Every female posses the MIL gene. That’s right ladies we are all born with it. It’s right there innocent, benign just waiting for the moment that XY chromosome you birthed gets ready to be hitched. The next thing you know you will morph overnight into the cunning , controlling monster you once hated. 😖 Your best hope? Take an oath to be punched in the face the instant find yourself committing any of the ergeruious sins listed above.👊🏻

So there you have it loves, all you ever wanted to know about the age old formidable enemy. Hey it’s always good to be prepared even if you will be fighting a loosing battle 😉⚔. Wedding bells anyone?🔔
Until next time xoxo💋