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ShopaholicBlogs Reviews: Biossance Peptide Eye gel✨

🌱Hola compańeros bloggers✨

🌱Today’s product review is about a brand that has been in the spotlight 🔦 for a while now @biossance.

🌱The company founded in Berkeley, California utilizes biotechnology to create safe, effective skincare for the skin and the environment.

🌱The star ✨ingredient featured in all their products is plant derived (their’s is derived from sugarcane). Squalene oil which is a weightless oil that instantly moisturizes the skin and locks in moisture.

🌱The eye gel contains squalene oil, Eyeseryl & Argiline to reduce dark circles and puffiness and Swiss apple🍎stem extract to brighten the under eye area.

🌱The gel itself is very light in texture, it goes on smoothly and doesn’t irritate the eyes. However since I have very dry skin under the eyes I do have to follow it up with an undereye cream since I don’t find it moisturizing enough.

🌱In terms of lightening dark circles I haven’t really noticed a significant difference 😕there. Will I continue using it maybe 🤔unless I find something better and more affordable since this is $54 for 15ml of product 💸. Have you tried this? How was your experience?

✨Shopaholic Reviews : Maybelline Master Kajal✨

Hello Everyone!

Today’s blog post  is all about my 💞favorite makeup product -Le Eyeliner👏🏻.

Since I am a total moron when it comes to applying makeup I keep things simple lipstick, eyeliner, blush. Which time wise comes out to be roughly about 15 mins on a good day. Close to half an hour or 45 mins if my hand eye coordination happens to be on a strike😒.

So to make a long story short eyeliner is a staple in my bag. Over the years owing to my shaky hand and overly blinking eyes I have gone through my fair share of eyeliners. Before finally finding my tool di resistance ✨ the angled liner brush 🎉.

However a fab brush is pretty much useless if the accompanying liner sucks😒. So after going through countless pots of liner , gel and powder both of which would dry out and start flaking 😪. I decided to branch out and try my hand at the new line of kajal liners. The one I chose is the Maybelline Master Kajal which boasted of a super dark, dramatic line with a flick of the wrist. 😒 

I don’t know why I tend to gravitate towards pencil liners, instead of the liquid ones. Somehow pencil ones appear to be less intimidating to me than their liquid counterparts.

 Back to the product, the liner is indeed super, intense black and glides on without tugging or drying out. That being said the chunky shape makes doing the flick a pain 😡. It’s fine when the liner is new and has somewhat of a point but after a while when you have a rounded tip I don’t see how I will be able to pull off a cats eye with this. In terms of wearability, on me it didn’t last very ⏱long. Probably because I didn’t apply an eyeshadow primer or any sort of base and my lids tend to eat eyemakeup I can’t explain it they just do 😳.

So overall I think it’s a decent eyeliner though I still prefer my brush if only I can find the right liner for it 😩. I would give it 3/5 ✨simply because once the tip gets rounded the only look you can do with it is probably Emo 😳 

Have you guys tried this product let me know how you liked it?

Until next time loves xoxo 💋

✨Shopaholic’s Back to Basics ✨

✨Hey Loves!

✨As much as I love trying out new products there comes a time when i tend to go back to the basics 💞. Products that have stood the test of time and trail repeatedly and have emerged as stellar ✨. One such brand is Olay✨. As a kid I remember the pearlescent pink bottle with the black cap on my grandmother’s side table. Years later I would sneak the red Regenerist container from my mother’s dresser hoping to get glowing skin like hers .😇

✨So when I started my hunt for anti aging skincare ( yes I’m an old maid😒) the first brand I tried out was Olay. Over the years though I’ve constantly tried different brands I’ve always gone back to Olay after a while. Regenerist, total effects I’ve tried them all, some hit the mark others I decided to pass on the next time around. 

✨While I enjoyed using the Regenerist line for a while my personal favorite is their total effects line. In particular the serum and the face lotion, which tackle the seven signs of aging : 

Loss of moisture


Uneven skin tone 

Uneven skin texture 

Lackluster skin

Lack of hydration 

Visible pores

✨Plus it offers SPF 15 for sun protection.☀️ They have also expanded their anti aging line by adding BB and CC creams. Both the BB and CC creams offer the same anti aging benefits as the original total effects but with a hint of foundation for slight coverage. 

✨I personally use the serum and anti aging moisturizer on a daily basis with the CC cream occasionally when my skin is misbehaving and I need a little coverage. If you are a foundation fan then you will find the coverage with the BB and CC creams minimal. Since I don’t bother with foundation it gives me the coverage I need without the need for blending.

✨The formulas are non greasy and offer day long hydration and smooth my skin out. Plus they are priced reasonably and are available at most drugstores.

✨Have you guys tried Olay products? Which ones are your favorites ? Let me know here 😘

✨Shopaholic’s Product Review : Nyx Two Timer Eyeliner ✨

✨Hello Loves💞

✨It’s product review time again here at shopaholic blogs. The product I’m reviewing today is not an organic product but one that comes from a very popular brand nevertheless. 

✨Presenting the Nyx Two Timer Eyeliner✨Since eyeliner is one of my go to makeup, I was thrilled to find one that claimed to do double duty. This liner has a felt tip liquid liner on one end for creating sharp cats eye lines and the other end is a kohl liner for smudged out smoky eyes.

✨That’s unfortunately where the good news ends. As excited as I was to use the liner I was incredibly disappointed when I tried it out. The felt tip was dried out and it took multiple tries for me on the back of my hand to get any color. Even then the liner was skipping and the felt tip kept bending upon itself.

✨The kohl side was just as bad it was dried out and impossible to apply in fact it broke the first time I tried to apply. 

✨I ended up chucking out this liner the very day I bought it. 😡 I don’t know if mine was a defective one or if they are all like that. 

✨All in all this was one disappointing purchase💸. Have you guys tried Nyx eyeliners which one would you recommend?

Until next time xoxo💋!

✨Shopaholic’s Product Review : Rimmel Exaggerate EyeLiner✨ 

🌺Hello Loves!

🌺I’m super excited about the product I’m going to be reviewing today 💕. I am a huge fan of eyeliner, it enhances the eyes and takes your eye makeup to the next level. 

🌺I consider myself a novice at makeup with eyeliner being the one product I can apply  with somewhat ease 😋.

🌺After trying several brands and types of eyeliners I found that for me powder and pencil work best. The eyeliner I’m reviewing today is the✨ Rimmel Exaggerate  Eyeliner in Blackest Black✨. 

 🌺This is a retractable pencil eye liner that comes in a 0.28 gram tube. One end features the liner and the other is a smudge sponge to give a smoky effect. I got mine from the Boots pharmacy for AED 30. 

🌺The color is a deep, rich black and the liner goes on smoothly without any tugging. The wearability is where this product  wins hands down 🏆. 8 hours out of which 2 hours were spent walking for 12 km in 34 degrees Celsius weather and the liner did not budge, crease or smear✨! Did I say love? 😍  

 🌺I give this product 5/5!✨ A total winner on all aspects in my opinion and highly recommended !

🌺Have you guys used this product? What are some of your tested and favorite eyeliners? Let me know in the the comments below! 

Until next time xoxo! 💋

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⚜Shopaholic’s drugstore product(s) review ⚜

  🍬Hello sweets!🍬

⚜Today I want to review a few drugstore products I have been using for a couple of weeks. 

⚜I love browsing through drugstore/pharmacy aisles as much as I do spending time at Sephora and to be honest some drugstore products are as good if not better than the 💸pricier, high end brands.

⚜Lets start with the most basic product most of us have on our counter tops: 

⚜The humble nail polish remover 💫 I know it seems a little silly to be reviewing a nail polish remover but if you are like me and you hate the awful 😷smell of acetone coupled with the garish white streaks left on your nails along with having all the moisture 💦sucked out of your fingers post wiping then you will like what I’m about to post ✨

  ⚜I stumbled upon this product quiet by accident in my drugstore. I was in a rush and I grabbed it without really looking at the brand. Once I used it however I was pleasantly surprised. 

⚜For one there was no harsh smell of acetone, secondly the nail polish remover did not leave my nails discolored or with streaks or hideously dry. 

⚜It contains no acetone, oil or perfumes and takes about as long to dissolve the nail polish ( I had two coats plus a base coat and top coat) as a regular remover. If you can find this brand Depend do try it I highly recommend it 😘.

⚜Next up is an item that is a staple in my handbag. The good old baby 👶🏽 wipes💕. Ok here’s a little secret 🗝 I love the smell of baby products 💗. I know there are several “adult” versions of wipes available but I always end up buying the ones with the baby scent ❤️!  

 ⚜These particular ones are my favorite 💟, they come in a handbag friendly size and smell adorable 💕mmm💕! Plus they are very moisturizing and take your makeup off in a jiffy and I also use them to wipe my hands during the day love love love 💗😇!

⚜The last product I wanted to review is the one I can’t go without for even a day!😳 A good exfoliator💦. I usually have several exfoliators on my counter , one gritty one for when my skin needs some tough love❤️, a mild everyday one for daily tlc and an in between one which is usually somewhere between extra fine and medium grit. I have an exfoliating ocd I admit it 😑.

⚜I picked up this one because the store was out of my regular goto. However since this one was from the same brand I decided to give it a try.

⚜It has a nice smell 🍍, the texture is very very fine kind of a cross between a creamy cleanser and a mild scrub. I really have to have a go at my face to get any exfoliating action to be honest. 😒 All in all it’s an ok exfoliator to have if you want something very very mild or have sensitive skin. For me it was not giving me the feeling of a good scrubby action if you know what I mean. So I’ll just use this one up and look for my old faithful or something better next time. 

⚜That wraps up this review post , have you tried any of these products? Do let me know 💟

Until next time xoxo!💋

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