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Shopaholic’s product review : It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer✨

Hello lovely peeps!💖

✨To be honest I wasn’t planning on another product review so soon. But as it happens I was rooting🔦 through one of my many stash baskets today, and I came across this:


The It cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer.✨

I had ordered it a while back and I totally forgot about it. So there it was all brand new 🎁in its perforated plastic packaging, looking all shiny and lil bit forlorn at being ignored all this while 😳.

✨Now I’m a sucker for anything 🎁wrapped , gift or otherwise so I just had to rip off the packaging 😇 ( I love 😍tearing off wrapping paper 😋).

✨Ok back to the product 😁. There has been so much talk about It cosmetics , you just have to type it in YouTube 💻and a whole bunch of reviews and tutorials popup. So here’s my two cents on it as well 🙃.

✨First off like all concealers its not a huge tube,but before you get put off by the size, let me tell you, ( as if you didn’t know already you makeup savvy maven you😉 💋).

✨Concealers are pretty concentrated, meaning you only need a tiny amount so the so called tiny tube ends up lasting for ages. Which can be a total bummer if you end up hating the product ☹, because then you are stuck with it, your only other option being to chuck it or stick some other poor soul with it ( vindictive aren’t we😈).


✨This concealer comes in a 8 gram tube , I got the neutral beige shade, it looks a little light on my hand but once on the face it blends just fine. I believe concealers supposed to be a tad lighter than your skin 🤔. Then again I’m no authority🎓 on makeup💄 so if you still want to listen to me go ahead, just a disclaimer you ain’t getting nothing by suing 🔫 me I’m already bankrupt most of the time as it is 💸.

Packaging and formulation – The packaging is very basic nothing fancy😒 , no fancy artwork, cutesy graphics 💝. It has a lot of ingredients given its size,on the front,they boast of collagen and vitamins c & K. On the back there is a whole lot of stuff I usually don’t like –Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Alcohol,  Propylparaben 😲.I don’t even know what these words mean !😖.

On the positive side ➕the product is cruelty free 🐰, which also means that we are their Guinea pigs here 🐷😮.


The texture– is pretty thick I felt I was dragging the skin under my eye as I blended it in, and initially it felt very heavy on my skin. I kept feeling like I had something around my eye.

Coverage wise -it’s supposed to be full coverage and it does deliver on that aspect.

✨Wearablity – I wore it on its own, (I’m wearing the concealer on my left eye👁).

I didn’t add any powder on top to set it , I usually rock the au natural look 🍃, so the fewer products the better 😇.By the end of the day it had started to crease on the top of my eyelid as well as the bottom , so I had to blend it out with my finger 😡.

Overall – I have mixed feelings about it. I would definitely use it for a special occasion when I’m using all the other fixings (powder , foundation, shadows ). Or on days I’ve woken up looking like I’ve been punched in both eyes 👊🏻

✨On an everyday basis I think I’ll pass, it’s too heavy on its own and I was very aware of having something on and around my eyes .👁

I have my favorites 💞 in the It cosmetics line, this was unfortunately not one of them. 😪

So there you go peeps 💖 What are your thoughts about this product have you tried it? Do share them with me ✨!

Until next time xoxo💞!

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Shopaholic goes organic 🍃

Being an all natural girl, I’ve never really been into makeup too much. Don’t get me wrong I adore Sephora as much as the next gal. But while most of them flock to the makeup aisles I hover over the skincare section. Testing out moisturizers, serums, face oils, lotions, eye creams you name it i have it, have tried , it or I want it.

Over the years however due to hormonal changes my skin has become somewhat sensitive and less tolerant to the typical chemicaly laden, cleverly disguised products. A recent bout of breakouts and excessive dryness led me to actively be on the lookout for more natural alternatives.

As it turned out natural, organic skincare was a dime a dozen. From drugstores to high end boutiques, everywhere I turned organic and all natural products were on display , ready and willing to prove their dedication to Mother Earth . 🌍

Well this was a piece of cake I thought as I skipped home clutching my bulging bags, heck I feel closer to nature already.🍃Look out Pocahontas !

However I did a double take 👀 as I unboxed the first item from my haul and went over the ingredients list. The 💯% Shea butter lip balm contained only 5% Shea butter 😱! The rest of the 95% was a jumble of tiny, 🔎unpronounceable print out of which petrolatum and 8% almond oil was all I could make out.

The rest as they say is a very expensive history 💸💸. Every single product from the face wash to the moisturizers from a wide array of brand names swearing up and down about being organic 🌚. were anything but ❌.

So what’s with all the labeling you ask❓Here’s what’s happening. There are no FDA standards or regulations in place when it comes to labeling cosmetic products as organic. Basically it means that even if one of the gazillion ingredients is organically sourced the entire concoction can be labeled as an organic product. 🚫

So what’s a gal to do⁉️ You need to play detective that’s what🔍. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the word “organic”. Look for products with the USDA organic seal if possible, this will ensure the product contains only organically sourced ingredients.

Check the ingredients list, an organic product should contain between 70- 95% of organically sourced items excluding water and salt. Basically the fewer ingredients a product has the better it is for you.

Now here’s the bad news ; Your chances of finding all natural , certified 💯% organic , cruelty free products in your nearest beauty store are about the same as finding a single,handsome, charming hunk of a guy👤 ready to commit at the word go, when you turn the corner . Basically zero to very slim 😪.

But not to worry ,yours truly has done the work and weeded out the crazies for you. Below are the products i have tried, tested and vouch for as being all natural and effective in what they claim to do.

In no particular order:

Moogoo Anti Aging Face cream with SPF15– with milk protein, olive & raspberry seed oil and zinc oxide for sun protection. This is one of the best moisturizers i have tried hands down. Its non greasy, super moisturizing and wont break you out. Plus its all natural ingredients (i can pronounce and recognize all of them). You can get yours at moogoousa.com priced at $34.90.

Moogoo Udder Cream and Full Cream– I use them after a shower as an all over body moisturizer, they are super creamy and smell yummy. Personally i prefer the udder cream i feel it has a thicker texture, the full cream i feel is a bit lighter for me probably better in the summer. Available in 100 grams- $11.90 or 270 grams $18.50 at moogoousa.com


Moogoo serums-These have been a lifesaver for me. The super c vitamin serum, the 3 vitamic eye serum and the tamanu oil . I use them all over my face, they absorb instantly , no oily residue , no break outs, just healthy moisturized skin. They have a serum tester pack if you want to sample all of them first. priced at $69 for four full size bottles.Contains the evening primrose oil serum as well. (Haven’t gotten around to trying that but i’m sure ill love it !)



100% pure organic Argan oil by Moroccan Gold-got this from Amazon, super moisturizing , hydrating , pure argan oil. USDA/Eco certified/ Approved fair trade certified. Its a dry oil so once you apply it will absorb into your skin no greasy residue. Has a funky smell but it dissipates within a few seconds. priced at $15.76. (Amazon keeps changing the price but this was the price as of 01/26/2016).



Made from earth-USDA/ECO and cGMP certified products, a bit pricey. I have tried their vitamin C moisturizer, its contains coconut oil and aloe vera and rosehip oil. Another favorite of mine just too pricey to keep buying though was priced at $54.99 now on sale at $38. Get yours at madefromearth.com



Dustygirls earth cream– i love love love 💞this cream, its a tinted moisturizer avaiable at dustygirls.com.au a sister site of moogoo. They have an entire line of all natural, cosmetics so all you beauty mavens head on over and check them out. The earth cream is my go to moisturizer everyday, it offers between light and medium coverage. It goes on smoothly, no creasing, caking or streaking and is suitable for acne-prone skin. Comes in light and medium shades. priced at $18.


Some other products i have heard really good reviews but haven’t gotten around to trying yet are:

100% pure cosmetics – my best friend swears by these. Made from organic fruit extracts no chemicals! you can get yours at http://www.100percentpure.com

sheaterra organics-these are next on my list, especially the rose hips facial cream and the mango shea butter smoothee yumm! check them out at http://www.sheaterraorganics.com
That’s all for now folks! i hope you found this review/rant/infomercial helpful and do let me know if you try and like any of these products.


FYI- I am not a sales/spokes person for any of these brands nor do i have any grudges against Sephora i still love going there.

Till we meet again love you all xoxoxo!💋