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🍃Shopaholic reviews : Aztec Secret Indian Beauty Clay🍃

Hola Bunnies 🐰💕

🍃Today on the blog I will be reviewing a product that I found to be highly rated by beauty bloggers and highly reviewed on Amazon : “The Aztec Secret Indian Beauty Clay”.

🍃Consisting of 100% calcium bentonite clay it is supposed to rejuvenate, refresh and beautify your skin. Isn’t that what they all claim 😒. 🍃The clay is to be mixed with either 💦 , apple 🍎 cider vinegar or rose 🌹 water to make a thick paste which you apply leave on for 10-15 ⏲mins or till it dries and wash off. For me the mask got uncomfortably tight as it dried and to be very honest I saw no difference whatsoever in my skin post the application. 😭

👎🏻I have had way better results with my DIY masks then this . Neither did it make any difference to acne prone skin ( I made my sister try it on her breakouts). All in all I give it a big fat thumbs down 👎🏻.

🍃Have you guys tried this product? Which mask would you recommend let me know in the comments down below 😘

Until next time loves 💕

Shopaholic Remedies:  Get Rid of Pimples Super Fast!

Hello Loves! 

🌱Today I’m going to share with you guys my remedy for getting rid of the annoying, unwanted skin peeve we all end up facing :  “pimples” 😖. You know the ones i’m talking about : the red, inflamed, painful sometimes filled with icky 😷white bacteria that appear out of nowhere smack in the middle of your face😱. Right before an important event when you are all set to look like a diva👑. 

🌱We’ve all been there 😖…. I for one feel like the moment I get a pimple on my face everything else about me becomes oblivious and the only thing people around me can focus on is that one abnormal growth on me😖. 

🌱No matter how many tricks or home remedies I tried nothing would work read (toothpaste, tea tree oil, mouthwash, ice even garlic 😷). I would have to simply wait for the monstrosity to grow, take its time and sit on my face making me miserable for days. If I tried popping it or squeezing it I would be left with angry looking scars that would take months to fade. 

🌱So coming to the remedy , about two days ago I was sitting watching useless videos about DIY fails on YouTube. When I felt out of nowhere something painful above my lip. Puzzled I went into the bathroom to take a look in the mirror and to my horror I saw a red, inflamed bump starting to form on the left side of my lips 😱. Now the next day I had to be somewhere important and sporting an angry looking pimple, disguised with concealer was not the way I wanted to be. 😡

Which brings us to the remedy, I tried this the night before and the morning after as well and continued till I felt the bump recede and then vanish✨. I was thrilled honestly this was the first time ever that I had been able to prevent a pimple from forming on my face🎉. So let’s get down to the details ✨the products I used were: 

🌱Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey 🍯 Glyolic Mask,

🌱Alba Botanica Deep Clean Astringent

🌱Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Clarifying Blemish Gel.

🌱Start by applying the glyolic mask, making sure it covers the blemish. 🌱Let dry about 10 mins the mask will sting a bit depending on your skin type. The glyolic mask contains pumpkin enzymes and manuka honey 🍯 that slough off dead skin cells and impurities. Wash off and follow with the astringent toner. 🌱The toner consists of salicylic acid that prevents breakouts. Finally apply the blemish gel with extracts of tea tree and witch hazel helps heal existing pimples and prevents new ones from forming. 🌱So there you have it guys my tried and tested remedy for getting rid of pimples fast⚡️. How do you guys deal with breakouts? Share your remedies/tips with me right here 😘

Until next time xoxo💋.

🍃Shopaholic’s Review : Lush Mask of Magnaminty🍃

🍃Hello peeps❣

🍃It’s product review time again and this time we are reviewing my favorite product to use in the summer: face masks

🍃I apply face masks atleast 4-5 days a week in the summer🔆. While that may seem excessive to most people, during summers my skin goes into oil overdrive, mins after after I wash my face its sticky and greasy again. TMI❓😉

🍃My favorite masks from Lush are the Ayesha and the Love Lettuce💞.

🍃However both of those masks need to be refrigerated which was not an option for me as I was traveling. So I picked out the Mask of Magnaminty from the Lush store in Oxford Street. The Mask of Magnaminty is a self preserving mask, meaning it has an abundance of honey which means it’s travel friendly since it doesn’t require refrigeration❄️.

🍃The mask is primarily meant for acne prone skin and contains peppermint and China clay for a deep pore clean, aduki beans for exfoliation and vanilla to calm the skin. I just slather it on leave it for 10 mins and then rinse it of, it clears away all the oil and leaves the skin with a minty tingle. 

🍃I think it’s a good mask for freshening up the skin, that being said I don’t enjoy using it as much as I did the Love lettuce or Ayesha. With those masks I could see my skin actually glowing✨ and feeling very soft and hydrated. This mask does help with the oil factor but I didn’t really see an amazing or noticeable difference in my skin. 
🍃Will I be repurchasing this mask❓I don’t think so I’ll stick with my other Lush favorites 💞. However for traveling or hassle free storage this is a good, basic mask.
🍃What are some of your favorite Lush masks❓I would love to know 😘

🍃Until next time xoxo💋❣

🍓Shopaholic Quick Review:Han Cosmetics Powder Blush 🍓

🍓Hello Ladies ❣

🍓Welcome to a quickie product review✨

🍓I recently picked up the Hans Cosmetics Powder Blush since I had previously tried and really liked their eyeshadow single in taupe. 

🍓Since I suck at makeup, and the eyeshadow was something I could simply swipe on my eyelid and still look pretty darn awesome 😱 I decided to get their blush as well since blush is one of my everyday get ready staples.

🍓Hans blushes are made of rice powder instead of talc, and are vegan and cruelty free  🍃.

🍓The shade I chose is called Strawberry Pink. It comes in the signature Hans packaging a sleek round pot, you get about 4 grams of product for $15💰. Since you only use a little at a time, unless you are planning to rock the clown cheeks look, it will last quiet a while. 😁

🍓The color is quiet intense and you really need a swipe on the pad otherwise you will end up with startlingly pink cheeks and a lot of blending.While I’m not blown away by the color it is a nice addition to my blush collection which as of now stands at a measly two 😝. 
🍓Will I buy this again, I probably will but in a different color for sure I don’t think this particular shade is me.
🍓Have you guys tried Hans cosmetics? Which shade do you recommend?

Until next time loves xoxo💋❗️

💋Shopaholic Product Review : Dusty Girls Natural Lipstick 💋

Hello Lovelies❣

💋Up for review today is a product I was on the fence about for quiet a while. Usually a product is an instant hit or miss with me I really don’t deliberate too long. However this product was from a brand I usually adore and I was very excited to receive it. I mean an all natural lipstick is definately something to look forward to isn’t it 😉. Presenting the Dusty Girls Natural Lipstick💋

💋The lipstick contains Shea Butter, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E to condition your lips and contains no lead, parabens or synthetic dyes found in commercial cosmetics. It comes in a lovely cardboard tube with a plastic inner sleeve.

💋The color I chose was the Chia Seeds, which according to the description is a rich shade of burgundy with red and brown hues. Now if you know me you know all about my love 💞affair with bold lip colors.💋

💋So you can imagine my disappointment when I after oohing and aahing over the packaging I opened the lipstick to find a pink shade💄 inside.

💋I immediately checked the bottom label thinking I had ordered the wrong color or they had mixed up my order or I had temporarily gone color blind . But the label cheerfully proclaimed itself to be the very Chia Seed shade that I had requested. 

💋I contacted Dusty Girls who were kind enough to send me a replacement but as it turned out it was the same pinkish shade. 😞 According to them the shade is supposed to be pink❓I wonder why they list as burgundy with red and brown undertones🤔.

💋The lipstick itself is very hydrating though it’s a semi matte finish and I love not having to put lipbalm before or after.  

💋If you are someone who loves nude pink shades then this will definately work for you. However I won’t be re-purchasing this unless they come out with bolder shades. 

💋I rate this product 3/5✨ simply because of the lack of the color intensity. Have you guys tried Dusty Girls products❓Let me know right here😘

Until next time xoxo💋❣

🌹Shopaholic’s Product Review : Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner 🌹

Hello lovelies!🌹

🌹Hope you are all having a wonderful sunmer🔆! It’s been crazy busy for me with my semester ending and deadlines approaching which hopefully explains my absence from blogging 🔍.

🌹As you’ve probably gleaned from my previous posts summer here is uncomfortably hot and humid 🔥. Which makes it the perfect time to be reviewing this particular product. 

🌹I am an avid moisture buff, I need my moisturizers year round, although I have to say in 90% humidity it does get a little tricky to incorporate a body moisturizer into the routine. That was when Lush came to the rescue🆘

🌹I was in the Oxford street Lush store , 3 glorious floors of everything Lush❣When I came upon this delicious product🌹 The Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner🌹

🌹I have to be honest, as much as I love Lush, I am disappointed that their products don’t have striking fragrances.

🌹Which is precisely why I want to start off first by gushing about the fragrance❗️It is divine❣Like fresh roses and Rose and berry jam🌹😍😋! Everytime I have used this product I have had someone ask me what smells so delicious?❣

🌹Ok now that I’ve raved about the fragrance lets get on with the rest of the details. This is not a typical moisturizer  that you slather on after your shower. It’s a rinse off moisturizer meant to be applied in the shower post your soap or body wash and then rinsed off. 💦 I know it sounds a bit strange, I myself had to be repeatedly assured by the Lush rep that it was meant to be applied then rinsed off. Think off it like conditioner for your body instead of your hair hence the name ✨.

🌹Being the incredible skeptic I am, I applied it hesitantly post my shower then rinsed it off feeling a bit strange. I am used to the squeaky clean feeling, with this though my skin felt just slightly greasy. However once I toweled off my skin felt soft, moisturized and delightfully scented I couldn’t stop sniffing myself 😍☺️.

🌹On the ingredient side it contains generous helpings of Argan, Almond, Rose oil as well as vanilla and Shea butter✨.

🌹I rate this product a 5/5❣Have you guys tried this product? Let me know your experience I would love to know 😘

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🔅Shopaholic’s Guide to Summer Skin🔅

☀️Hello Lovelies!
☀️You’ve probably heard me raving, ranting and complaining about the weather lately 🔅. I am not a summer person at all, I hate getting sweaty, I hate the heat and if things were bad when summer started they just went downhill once the humidity set in 💧.

Lately the humidity here is so god awful it seems you are drenched in your own sweat all the time 💦. When your face is constantly hot and sticky, your hair is sticking to your face and neck and your clothes are sticking to your body the last things on your mind are moisturizers and makeup 😳.

So here are some tried and tested tips to make those awful summer’s a tad more bearable. 

☀️Moisturize, Your skin still needs moisture believe it or not. Opt for lighter, mattifying moisturizers if you have oily or combination skin and keep them in the referigerator if possible. I personally use the Lush Vanishing Cream, it’s a light moisturizer perfect for hot, humid weather that will give your skin a drink of moisture without breaking you out. 

☀️Use a toner, before your moisturize, apply your favorite toner on a cotton pad and go over your face and neck. It not only refreshes your skin but preps it for the moisturizer. Rose water, witch hazel or tea tree are all good options. I recommend the Lush Tea Tree water, perfect for oily, blemished skin. 

☀️Use a serum, yes I know it’s sounds like overkill bit trust me it’s never too early to start on your anti aging regime. Besides you only use a few drops and you can always just mix it in with your moisturizer and apply them together if you want to skip one step .

Again, choose your serums wisely, leave the heavier stuff for the cooler months. Stick to light serums, the Drops of Youth by Body Shop is a good product to start if you’ve never used a serum or concentrate  before. 

☀️Use a sunscreen, I cannot stress on this enough, the suns rays are damaging year round. Since in summers you want to go with as fewer products as possible it’s better to use a moisturizer with a built in SPF. Look for one with a 30-40 protection factor. The Vitamin C moisturizer from Body Shop is a good summer moisturizer its light and non greasy with an SPF of 30. 

☀️Use face masks, I find myself using face masks about 3-4 times a week in the summer time. They instantly soothe and freshen up your complexion while clearing away oil and debris and are a great exfoliant. My favorites are the Lush Love Lettuce and Ayesha mask. 

☀️If homemade masks are more your thing try this mask which is a go to for me when I am running low on my Lush stash. 

☀️Mix together 1 tsp gram flour, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1/2 tsp yoghurt. Apply to your face, leave on till dry and stiff. Dampen fingers and gently rub off. 

☀️This mask is perfect if you have oily, combination or blemish prone skin. The gram flour and lemon clear away the oil and debris while the yoghurt and honey moisturize. 

☀️Keep your makeup minimal, there is no better time to rock the au natural look then summer.

☀️Opt for tinted moisturizers instead of foundation if you can, stick to concealers and mineral based foundation.

☀️Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20, Pacifica Serum Based Foundation with SPF 20 or Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation are all tried and tested options that I would recommend.

☀️ Lastly drink your H2O💧. Your skin needs moisture and hydration from the inside out so make sure you drink between 6-8 glasses a day more in the summer to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant.✨

☀️Hope you enjoyed these tips let me know how you guys keep your skin fresh this summer ✨.

Until next time xoxo💋❗️