🏆Shopaholic’s Miranda Sings Award No. 2🏆

  Hello Lovely People💕!

So I was having a pretty blah day today and then I happened to open my email and hallejullah 🎉I had been nominated for The Miranda Sings Award❗️

Thanks to Fun House Vision, for nominating me, check out her blog where she writes about fashion, food, beauty and art💕.

As per the rules I’m supposed to brag about my seven amazing qualities 😳. So bear with me while I brazenly toot my own horn 📢.

💟I am very hardworking and persistent once I decide to do something I see it through to the end. 

💟I have recently started to appreciate things about myself as in I’m a unique individual (as cheesy and cliched as it sounds) 😉

💟I have a good heart❤️ underneath all the sarcasm, apparent rudeness and aloofness I don’t harbor any ill will towards anyone and I seriously couldn’t harm a soul ..well except cockroaches, spiders 🕷🐜 and other bugs 😖 but they don’t count esp if they enter my bathroom when I’m showering🚿 and I do apologize before I wack them to death 🔨 😐

💟I am good at cooking on the fly, seriously I can make edible and halfway decent food without following a recipe and minimal ingredients  😋

💟I dream✨ big even though I’ve had everyone of my dreams shot down by reality 🔫

💟I love how my fashion sense has developed ever since I started blogging and how much people have appreciated my OOTD posts 💖!

💟I love that people feel comfortable with me and that they feel like they’ve known me forever even if i have just met them 😇

Hope you guys enjoyed reading all about me, myself and I 😘

The nominees for this award are :








🎉Congrats to all the nominees !🎉 The rules are simple, thank the blogger who nominated you , since it’s me I’d like an engraved trophy 🏆😋. List seven things you love about yourself and nominate and notify seven other bloggers of this award. 

That’s it loves!💟

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💄What’s In My Basket❓ A Shopaholic’s Beauty Stash💄

Hello Lovelies !💟

💟Today I’m going to give you guys a peak inside my bathroom basket. As you know I’m a skincare junkie and I love trying new organic products 💕.Since my bathroom lacks adequate storage space I have to make do with putting my things in baskets on any available surface space😐. 

 💟Lately however, my basket has been overflowing with items making it difficult for me to get to things without having to tip the whole lot out.😳 So I decided It was time to do a toss and repurchase  pile.

💟Ready for the big reveal ❓Here goes 💕!  

💟Lets start sorting 

💟Lets get the hair accessories out of the way first , starting with my Body Shop hairbrush which I love 💕. I ended up repurchasing this as I broke the old one 😪. Then there is my big old wide toothed comb which is a must post hair washing for detangling. I cannot imagine even attempting to sort my hair without it .

💟 Then there are my assorted hair bands for keeping my overgrown bangs out of my face till I can find a hairdresser to give me the perfect fringe..sigh..If anyone in Dubai knows an awesome ✨hairdresser please do let me know.

💟I love fragrances so I always have an assortment at hand these are my current favs – Estée Lauder Pleasures, Chanel Chance, Crab Tree & Evelyn Pear & Magnolia & of course the good old Bath and Body Works mini for on the go spritzes .😘

💟My Andalou favorites , the 1000🌹 Roses Day cream , Visibly Firm Day cream, Chia Seed Exfoliator and the Natural Glow oil . Repurchase yes please ! ✨

💟My other long term favorite MooGoo, this is an Australian brand that makes all natural, organic 🍃products. I currently use their Brightening cream, SPF 40,lipshine by Dusty girls a sister company of MooGoo, the natural deodorant, 3 Vitamin Eye Serum, Super Vitamin Eye Serum and Tamanu oil.   Repurchase maybe 🤔 

💟The Lush dream cream,Gurugu hand cream I recently reviewed. Check it out here. Plus a recent purchase the Lush Enchanted Eye Cream 💕which I will be reviewing soon. Repurchase yes !

💟I found the Fade cream a while ago in Boots and decided to try it on some sun🔅 spots I got courtesy of Dubai 😡. After 3 weeks of usage I have seen zero results so this one will be a toss for sure. 👿

💟Plato’s scar serum and cream these came highly recommended but failed miserably at delivering 😡😡. Toss!

💟Crab Tree and Evelyn hand creams, I love theses minis 💕especially the Rose 🌹scented ones 💖. Repurchase yes please!

💟Finally the Morrocon Argan oil , I used this product all up, but didn’t see any remarkable results other than it being a good overall moisturizer. Repurchase maybe 🤔

💟The Juice Beauty Serum and Hair Smoothie which I got in my Petit Vour Box and honestly didn’t care for. Toss

💟There you have it guys✨ a peak inside my beauty basket ! Hope you guys enjoyed this post💕. Let me know your comments I would love to hear from you 😘.

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🍃Shopaholic’s Product Review : Andalou Naturals Visibly Firm Day & Night Cream🍃

🔆Hello Peeps!

It’s summer time 🔆 and since summers equal 🔥heat and humidity💧its the perfect time to switch up my skincare. My skin needs moisture and hydration without the products being too heavy. 

When Andalou contacted me to choose from their line I opted for the Coconut milk day and night cream duo. Like all of Andalou’s products these are 🍃100% vegan, cruelty 🐰free, Non GMO certified and gluten free.   Both the day and night creams come in 1.7oz tubes with an airless pump dispenser. Coconut water is the primary ingredient in both creams along with Aqua Cacteen extract for hydration, vitamin c 🍊 and Green Coffee extract for restoring firmness and suppleness to the skin.  First off I love the sweet coconut fragrance in both creams it’s a very mild scent not at all overwhelming which i cannot bear 😷atleast on my face.  The texture of both creams is very satiny and very light on the skin. If you have severly dry skin I would not recommend using these creams atleast not without a serum beforehand. 

Overall I am very 💕satisfied with these creams they are light yet hydrating and best of all they are all natural 🌿.

I rate these creams 5/5✨! Have you tried any Andalou products? What was your experience ? Let me know in the comments I would love to hear from you 😘.

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🏆Shopaholic’s 4️⃣th Liebster Award!

⚜Hello Beautiful people !💖

⚜I am so happy to be nominated for the 4th time🎉 for the ✨Liebster Award!✨ By the way my autocorrect for some reason kept on changing the Liebster to 💦Lobster 😋.

⚜Many thanks😘to the beautiful Emily Rose for nominating me😇. She posts the most amazing 😍MOTD’s which I simply gawk at because I can barely get my eyeliner to match on both eyes 😖. Check out her fabulous blog here.

⚜Now on with the rules which I’m sure you all know by heart❤️😉.

Thank the blogger who nominated you

⚜Answer the 11 questions they have given you

Nominate 5-11 other bloggers

⚜Let them know you have nominated them

⚜Give them 11 questions to answer!

💟Emily’s questions to me are 💟

💕How long have you been blogging for?

💟3 months 😇

💕Cat or dog person?

💟Cat🐱, we used to own three Russian cats that my sisters and I adored but had to give them away cause our mom had allergies and she was scared to death of them 😬.

💕Favorite youtube beauty guru?

💟Honestly I don’t follow anyone on YouTube as yet I will once I get my urban decay palette cause then I will need major help if I don’t want to end up looking like a raccoon 😁. Any recommendations?

💕Last song you listened to and who by?

💟The last song🎶 I heard was No 🚫by Meghan Trainor I love it 💖!

💕Who inspires/motivates you?

💟I look up to people who have struggled to get success inspite of failures it can be anybody. Those are true heroes and role models in my eyes. I feel bad for girls who obsessively follow people like the Kardashians. 

💕How many shades of lipstick do you own?

💟Hmm I’m not a big makeup fan honestly so just about 5.

💕Dream career?

💟Model or actress 😁 Hey you said dream right 😉

💕What did you want to grow up to be when you were younger?

💟I wanted to be a singer 🎶.

💕If you could travel anywhere in the world with one other person, where would you go and who would you take?

💟I would go just about anywhere with my sisters💖( we are 3 💕)they are my best friends and we have way too much fun together 💗✨😇.

💕Beach or pool?

💟Pool 💦and a covered pool at that I tan horribly 😖🔆.Plus I hate getting sand everywhere.

💕Describe yourself in 3 words?

💟Hopeless romantic, pessimist at heart, shopaholic extreme. Sorry but I had to use more that three words to get my awesome personality across 😋

Hope you guys enjoyed reading that 😍. If you have any other questions you would like to ask do let me know in the comments .

⚜Here are my nominees🎉 :






⚜Nominees here are your questions 💫

⚜3 Things you notice immediately when you meet someone.

⚜The last movie you watched in the cinema and why you loved or hated it?

⚜What makes you read a blog post and comment ?

⚜What time of the day are you most productive?

⚜What is your dream job and are you doing it right now?

⚜Classic black eyeliner or funky colored one?

Money or love ?

⚜What stresses you the most and how do you deal with it?

⚜One lesson you learned the hard way you won’t forget for life?

Your best memory as a child?

⚜How do you deal with jealousy?

⚜There you have it people Shopaholics’s 4th Liebster Award ⚜! Congrats to the nominees I can’t wait to read your answers! 🎉

⚜Until we meet again xoxo!💋

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🎉Shopaholic’s Beauty Blogger Award No.3!🎉

💟Hello beautiful people!💟

✨I am so thrilled to be receiving the ⚜beauty blogger award⚜ for the third time ✨! This time it’s courtesy of the fabulous 💕”thejouskablog“💕. I love the fact that I get to meet so many wonderful bloggers everyday and through the blogger award q&a’s I get to know them a little bit more each time💗.

Check out her blog and show her that famous blogger love 💗 while I pen down the rules and then get down to answering her fun questions 😇.

The Rules:

💕Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

💕Answer the questions assigned to you.

💕Nominate your own makeup/lifestyle/fashion bloggers.

💕Frame 10 questions for your nominees.

💕Inform the nominees about their award nomination.

🔱My questions from thejouskablog 🔱

⚜What’s your favorite makeup brand?

💕It cosmetics, dusty girls 

🔱Name any one makeup product that you cannot live without.

💕My dusty girls tinted moisturizer💗

🔱What’s your clothing style?

💕Boho /casual

🔱Do you have a specific beauty routine?

💕Tinted moisturizer, blush, kohl, lipstain and done 😘

🔱Would you rather put on makeup by yourself or go to a parlour instead?

💕I love ❤️ getting my makeup done ! If I could afford it I would go to a parlor everyday to get dolled up 😍

🔱Do you prefer lighter or darker shades of eyeshadow?

💕Dark! I love the smoky eye💕

  🔱Who inspires you the most in the beauty/fashion industry? Why?

💕I hate to say this but I do follow Kim and kourtney kardashians makeup and hair styles. They are petite and dark haired like me😳

🔱If you had to choose between high heels and flats, which one would it be?

💕Flats all the way!

🔱When you travel, do you carry a separate makeup pouch with yourself?

💕I carry a separate case with me all the time in my handbag it has all of my makeup and skincare essentials and is probably the reason my handbag weighs a ton 😉

🔱Would you ever consider working in the fashion industry?

💕of course ! It would be awesome! 💗

That’s all from me guys I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me 😇.

⚜Now here are my nominees for this awesome award⚜



K.M Sutton



Here are my questions to the nominees ✨

💫Your favorite thing to eat?

💫List five beauty produts you use everyday.

💫One tip for writing a great blog post.

💫If you could buy five things for free from Sephora what would you choose and why?

💫Perfume or body mist?

💫One tip for making your makeup last through the day?

💫straightening iron or hair dryer and why?

💫How have you improved as a blogger over time?

💫Liquid eyeliner or pencil which would you choose state your favorite brand and why you love 💗 it.

💫A makeup product you wouldn’t use even if you got it for free 😂

😘 There you have it bloggers! Have fun answering these questions and don’t forget to tag me so I can read your fabulous answers 💕

Until next time xoxo!💋

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✨Shopaholic’s Braids and Fringe OOTD ✨

💕Hello Loves❣

💕Today’s’ OOTD is all about rocking braids and fringes 💘. I love doing my hair up in braids, fishtail, side braids I love them all 💕! And for the longest time I had been wanting to try out the fringe trend, though to be honest I couldn’t decide if I wanted to rock the fringe with a handbag or in the form of an accessory. It was only when I was out window shopping recently and I came upon this awesome fringe shawl and I knew I had to have it 💗!

💕So here it is my take on the fringe trend enjoy 😘!

💗Outfit Details:

💕Dress: Old Navy

💕Pants: Lucky

💕Sandals: Vince Camuto

💕Acesssories: Fossil, H&M

💕Shawl: American Eagle

💗Hope you guys enjoyed that OOTD. Have any of you rocked the fringe this season let me know how right here!✨

✨Until next time xoxo!💋

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Liebster Award 👑 Nominations!

Hello beautiful people! 💞
So I have some utterly fantastic🎉news to share with you guys! second only to a 50% off the entire store sale 😁 💰.
I just found out that I have been nominated for the ” Leibster 🏆Award”by the lovely, Danetigress💞. Be sure to check out her awesome blog!

I am extremely humbled and honored 👑that just a week into blogging I’ve been welcomed so graciously into the blogging community 💞😇. Thank you for taking time out to read my posts, your support and encouragement means so much ❣
Ok i’ll stop being sappy 😊 now and get to the rules :

1-Tag the person who nominated you and thank them.

2-Answer 📝the 11 questions you are given.

3-Nominate 11 new bloggers and tag 📍them.

4-Give them 11 new questions 🖊to answer.

5-Notify 💌 your nominees.

So here are the questions asked to me by Danetigres1-What is your blog about and why did you choose that theme❓

✨My blog is basically about all things that are important in a girl’s life. Starting with shopping , beauty, fashion, relationships and all the funny things we experience in our lives. I love making people laugh and smile and I try to include a touch of humor in my writing. I chose the name shopaholic because that’s what my friends and family call me 😇.
2-Where are you from?
✨I am a Pakistani/American. 🇺🇸🇵🇰
3-What’s your favorite country to travel to?
✨I’m a city girl so basically anywhere there are tons of shops with outrageous bargains I’m ready to fly ✈️!
4-What’s your favorite beauty brand?
✨Honestly there are several, like most of us I tend to use different products from different brands. My all time favorite is the Burts bees lip crayon in Napa vineyard, it’s a universally look good on everyone color that’s a breeze to apply 💋. For the face I’m right now hooked on Dusty girls tinted cream.


5-What’s your favorite handbag?
✨I love buying new handbags ! So it’s hard to pick just one , but since I’m a tote girl it would have to be my LV Never full tote, which can hold a small car ! 🚗 It’s definitely a shopaholic must have!


6-Which post was the most challenging to write?
✨I’m in the middle of writing 📝 a post as of now. Usually I can finish a post in a couple of hours ⏲ but this time I feel like I’m in a rut 🕳. Hopefully it should be finished in a couple of days I’ll be sure to tag it as the most diffcult post written so be generous with the likes⭐️ ladies 😉
7-Who’re your favorite three bloggers?
✨That’s a difficult question 🤔 I love everyone’s blogs here, they all have their own unique style. But if I had to pick just three they would be
8-What’s your favorite YouTube channel?
✨I love comedy so it would be karachi vynz official .
9-What’s your favorite music?
✨Anything that’s fun and upbeat right now I’m loving Shawn Mendes- Stitches 🎧
10-Who is your favorite author?
✨J.K Rowling without a doubt ! I could read Harry Potter over and over and i do! 💞
11-What’s your favorite food?
✨Anything my mom cooks ! 💖 I love cumin scented potatoes I could eat them everyday 😁

Well there you have it ladies a little bit of info about your favorite shopaholic 😇.

And now it’s time for my me to announce my nominations for the 2nd Liebster 🏆Award”.


The nominees are :

🎉2-Drops of Velvet
🎉8-Hello Lesya

Be sure to check out the blogs of these lovely people, they offer interesting and different perspectives on beauty, travel, blogging and a whole lot more! In the meantime here are my questions to the nominees:

1- ✨What is the most difficult challenge you faced as a blogger when starting out and how did you overcome it❓
2-✨What 3 tips would you offer to new bloggers❓
3- ✨Name the one beauty and skincare product you cannot live without .
4-✨ Which product would you rate as the absolute worst purchase ever and why❓
5-✨Post one blog here which you found entertaining, informative or both.
6- ✨Do you think blogging is better than making videos ❓why❓
7-✨Name your favorite fragrance.
8-✨What 5 items are always in your handbag❓
9-✨Which store do you usually shop at for your beauty/skincare products❓
10-✨How would you define your blogging style❓
11- ✨If you had one wish what would it be❓

That’s it ladies ! Hope you have fun answering these questions !